The Governance structure of the Candidate TCS (cTCS) Tsunami described hereafter is still in preparation and reflects the current state of discussion within the community.


The Consortium Board (CB) will be the General Assembly of the TCS. The cTCS is composed currently by 30 Partner institutions from 14 European countries.


The Executive Board (EB) will be the operating board of the TCS and will be responsible for the organization of meetings, the communication with EPOS-ERIC and other TCS, representation of the TCS in EPOS ERIC committees, etc.


These two main bodies will be supported by several strategic advisory bodies and operational advisory bodies.


The TCS is planning to have a Strategy Board (SB) which will discuss the community strategy for the development of new and advanced services or standards for data and products.


The TCS Tsunami comprises as a peculiarity, compared to other EPOS TCS, the Tsunami Service Providers (TSP) which are officially mandated for Tsunami Early Warning in the Mediterranean. The TSP will form a further board, the TSP group, for the discussion and formulation of TSP-related issues: e.g., specific TSP requests and service needs.


Standard advisory boards will be the User Feedback Group, giving advice to CB concerning the performance of services and user requests, the VA/TNA Provider Committee which will discuss technical, financial and policy aspects of DDSS provision and the TNA Selection Committee which will launch TNA calls and evaluate the proposals for TNA.


If the need arises, additional permanent or temporary boards can be created, based on decisions of the Consortium Board.


The preliminary governance structure is shown below